Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Engine oil changed today.
Diffs re-lubed - back oil was a bit muddy and the front a bit thin.
Back bumper lights fixed - one a temp/bodge, depending on your perspective
New hose clip put on turbo hose that was "leaking" a bit - still no significant increase in power, ie still very sluggish.

Tomorrow: Roof rack off and dump at one or another fabricators - hopefully, along with rock sliders, bull bars, and light guards.
Also new glow plugs to fit. Gear and transfer box fluids to change.

This is NOT a restoration - just moves in the right direction

Monday, 19 May 2008

Some more boxes ticked

Tent and extension arrived today... it's a bigger package than I was expecting!
15 minutes to put up - and that includes being not sure about what we were doing. 10 minutes to pack away. The extension may be a different story

Got cooker.
Got Volcano Kettle (off Sean - used once).
Got 2 chairs... pan set... plates etc...
And got discount off most of it with Sean and Karren being Caravan Club members.

Roof rack stayed on today, seeing a bloke on Thursday about the rebuild.

ps. K cooked breakfast