Friday, 27 June 2008

Sweet as Chocolate...

A bit of an update...

Ian and Max hard at work. I'm not in this picture - obviously I'd left Max to supervise while I went and made breakfast :grin:

Jason stripped of his manly bits. No roof rack, no bullbar, no rock sliders - is there no shame?

2 weekends ago Martin came down and we spent a couple of days writing lists and doing a fair bit on Jason, rear wheel bearing. Worryingly we found water in the rear diff. After further investigation it turns out that the diff bearing is shagged, and the rear A frame joint - booked in for next week. Fridge base plate also fitted where the double rear seat has been removed.
The big news is that we finally managed to remove, or at the very least, totally dislodge the roof rack. All the lights and breathers were disconnected and either hanging loose or sitting in the passenger foot well.
We also went to a fab James gig in Portsmouth, and whilst there it seemed only right to visit a couple of the local establishments - twas a late night.

On the Monday I ratcheted the roof rack down and took it round to the fabricators - the waiting game commences.

Last weekend Ben (from the Camels) came down and with the help of Ian, they did lots of things some of which included:
Jason now has: Stage 2 fuel/turbo tweak and intercooler. Shiney new OME suspension with air helpers on the rear, new ball joints on the track rod, new OME steering damper.

Other bits included drinking lots of Tangle Foot, telling stories of how Ben once became a honouree lesbian, tales of various strip joints they'd been to, and occasionally taking shelter under trees away from the rain - or just sulking for a minute while some bit or other was being a pig. Whenever anything actually went according to plan, or got finished, Ben would exclaim "Sweet as chocolate".

I spent the weekend refitting the newly plasticoated rear light guards - grrrr at rivnuts, and making sure everyone was fed and water sufficiently.

Ben worked his socks off - Ian helped - I made beakfast. BIG thanks to both xx

Newly plasticoated rock sliders and bullbar are also back in place. New Hella spots also fitted, as is new winch remote socket.

I'm not putting the bloody front grill on (again) until I've sorted the light above the winch - why is it the simplest of things cause you most pain?

Newly galvanised sand ladders came back yesterday - they look a bit blingey. And yes, the T-cutting is coming on a treat, just having great difficulty reaching the roof, which needless to say is also the worst conditioned bit. Ho hum.

Yesterday I got new lift pump olives and two new belts, drive and aircon.

Whilst all this seems a lot - how come the to do list still gets longer? Land Rover physics I suppose. On the list, wire in a circuit for the fridge and install inverter. Wire in new split charge system. Get tent poles straightened and strengthened - Ian, tad bit of welding to be done here - materials on order from the fabricators :smile:
Worry about whether the roof rack will be ready in time. Worry about the big holes where the rear roof rack bloody frigging riv nuts where. Change the front prop around (it's on back to front Ian :shock: ). Check front bearings. Order another spare wheel and tyre, plus inner tubes. Source a portable compressor. Worry about the rear diff - and fit in a visit to my parents :???:

5 weeks to go and panicking.