Saturday, 5 July 2008

They've been arrested so it should be safer now.

And they were all going off to iraq to blow themselves up, it's the pick pockets and scam merchants we'll have to look out for.


We'll be fine...

Just doing a bit of research and came across this:
Morocco arrests 35 terrorist suspects
• Friday, Jul 4, 2008
Moroccan authorities have arrested 35 people on suspicion of recruiting young volunteers for el Qeada in Iraq and Algeria, official sources said.

“All the 35 suspects were arrested by the Moroccan security services,” a senior police officer was quoted as saying by the official Moroccan News Agency

“This network has recruited and ferried some 30 candidates for suicide operations in Iraq and also sent three volunteers to fight alongside the members of the el Qeada Branch in the Maghreb,” the police officer, said.

The arrests took place in several cities across the northern Morocco, the state-run MAP, said.

“The 35 suspects were also at an advanced stage in planning terrorist attacks against the state and foreign targets in Morocco,” the police officer, added.

In February, the police had announced the arrest of 36 persons belonging to a terrorist network. On May 19, the police reported the dismantling of a “terrorist network” and the arrest of 11 people.
To be honest, we're going to be a convoy of 13 Camel Trophy vehicles, we're going to stand out, is that a good thing?

To put things in perspective, the above photograph taken on the 97 event only contains 8 Camel Trophy Discos!

We'll be fine. Honest mum.

Friday, 4 July 2008

What's the Difference?

OK, just heard from the garage and the rear diff has had it's day.

Now then, I can lay my hands on a Disco diff to drop in, the problem I'm having is that the one in there has a Detroit locker on it. Do I push the boat out and replace what's in there, or do it on the cheap and drop in the second hand unit (unknown history), or, do I go over board and put a Detroit in the front while I'm at it...

Decisions, decisions. I hate being me sometimes.

On a good note. I went down to Pompey today and visited JW Tout, Mechanical Engineers, on the recommendation of Colin from Harwoods, re tent pole problem. After much humming and arring and searching round the back, we agreed that the only way to progress was to have some steel bar drilled to fit - "but it would be expensive". Hmmm, bit of a pause, tapping of calculator... "£24" - Can I pay you now sir?

So, hopefully pick those up sometime next week, in the meantime I can start prepping the poles.

Today I also got my timings a bit right. On the way out of Pompey I popped back to Hypose, still no delivery, but I was in time to meet Mr Wallace for lunch. Yeah!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Just one of those days

You know how it feels, when you've run around all day and you're still left feeling you've not actually achieved anything - today was one of those days.

Ian and I went and explored Hypose in Portsmouth the other day, it's such a good job I didn't know about it sooner - so much stuff. Most of it useless of course - until you need it, and there's my point, knowing the stuff is out there to solve ya problem.

I needed a length of hose and 2 tyre inflator fittings - I have a plan see. It's actually an idea passed on by a Camel Trophy winner - so it must be good. Anyway, only one fitting but "we can order them in, tomorrow or the day after". Today was the day after the day after so I felt safe popping back down in to Pompey.

"They've not come in" - no I'm sure they'll be here Friday/whenever. Buggar!
But hey, other things on the list for today. Jumped back into Kermit, Max waiting patiently as ever - text message, Dan Wallace "What you doing driving past my office window?". Tried to arrange lunch but it was now 12 and he can't do lunch until 12.30 - he's just not worth waiting for. xx

Drive up to Waterlooville, Halfrauds, pick up some polish and wax. I aint waxed a car since I had to to earn my pocket money and I resent paying for the stuff now. Martin will some how pay for all this torment.

Then onto the fabricators. They're rebuilding the roof rack but that not why I'm here. We've discovered a flaw in the tent pole design and wanted to strengthen the weak point. Last week Colin (man in charge) and I discussed what best could be done and he kindly ordered me some steel tubing, today however it turns out the supplier has sent the wrong stuff. Buggar.

Ian comes over - shock horror - after breakfast has finished being served, and kindly follows me over to West 4x4 in Humph so that I can drop Jason off to have the A frame and Diff looked at, then he drives us both (and Max) back.

It's now nearly 4pm, time for a nap - a nap is always called for when things don't go to plan - either that or hide under a tree for 5 minutes, either works.

Tomorrow: Find alternative steel. Add to list. Tick off list. Walk the dog. borrow a credit card.

And the list goes on

I'm worried about the rear diff, the truck is booked in to the garage for this Friday, god only knows what the news will be - I hate any sentence with the word "diff" in it. A frame joint too needs attention.

I've sourced some wire and some sexy buzz bars so the wiring of fridge, inverter, auxiliaries, is possibly the next big job, but that will have to wait until he comes back now. Also still have the split charge system to do.

Still not checked the front bearings, or changed front prop around. Nor have I done the gear/transfer box fluids.

Tent poles still to modify, hopefully pick up some tubing today.

I did spend ALL day yesterday scrubbing the roof, and only the roof, and it did take all day, and I do mean scrubbing. It was coated in what I think is the sap from the old ply wood - Grrrrr.

I would like to find, if possible, some new roof mounts, the rubber is quite perished on the existing ones.

Still to get: Another spare wheel and tyre. 2 more jerry cans for water. Possibly, still thinking about this one - one of Devon 4x4's tanks guards, plus loads of other stuff I've temporarily forgotten about.

Never ever polishing this truck again.