Thursday, 31 July 2008

All the fun of the fair...

This is a copy of a post I've just posted on the Camel Trophy Owners Club forum - ok so call me lazy. There is a lot of background that will hopefully get filled in, or it'll get lost in time, and that would be a shame.

Quote from: Nick Cox on Today at 05:48:16 PM
excuses , excuses we wanna read the blog!

OK - you heartless bastads [sic],

We had a list of things that needed doing, it ran to 2 pages, it included a lot of the cosmetic stuff being done, roof rack re built and all the paraphernalia that goes with that. The truck unbeknown to us, also had a list. Fuel pump seized, bearings going boobs up, Diff going pear, P gasket leaking like a Dutch dam, Turbo gone poop, even the screen wash bottle sprang a leak!!!

On top of trying to "restore" (I used that word!) a few bits, all of the above has put a real... not quite damper, but has certainly made preparation bloody hard work.
We both ache, ache like heck, and I'm convinced it's as much stress related as it is reaching in to places you don't normally go (no puns please - not in the mood) ;0)

I will now take this opportunity (Oscar time) to thank all those that have rallied to our help, some even despite their own woes:
Martin (he's earned his trip - but don't tell him I said that - he has an ego already).
Ben - and Ben, and Ben, and - you get the gist.
Sean - if only for his sarcasm (he knows why really).
Ian - for saving me on breakfast bills (he's been so busy I aint seen him for 2 weeks) X - and yes, that's a kiss for Ian.
Dan - moral support via text and Yahoo and for getting really stuck in (and angry at parts) when he could.
Mad Mark - a lot of you don't know him but he's been a god send in the last 3 days, stripping the donor vehicle and delivering parts, loan of workshop despite his own commitments etc xxx.
Guy, not done much only let us use the lawn as an open air workshop - take over the garage/kitchen/spare room ad infinitum. XXX
And yes, there are others but it's late and I'm tired but big thanks all the same.

Tomorrow (Friday) - 11th hour, we've a few bits of admin to do, finish building the truck, shopping, packing, and I suppose you'll want the newsletter finishing - yes, I know it's late, but I have been a tad busy.

Thanks to all, on here particularly, for advice, help and support - physical and moral.

Can't wait to be on the road and get some rest - Morocco 2008 (with a bit of the Alps and Pyrenees thrown in) - It'll be a good 'un


All the fun of the fair...